Thursday, April 24, 2008

I’m leaving on the 5:25 plane from Boston (as opposed to a midnight train to Georgia and actually I'm leaving from Providence)

so that title was completely shot! At least, I tried to give you something witty. *lol*

Well, I am going home for a visit this weekend. I am happy to be going home. I like it here, but really there is no place like home. I wonder if I clicked my heels three times…nah I’m sure the airlines destroyed all the ruby red slippers a LONG TIME ago, in an effort to get all our cash!

This is going to be a very interesting visit home for me. I am excited to go home, yet I am not homesick. It is going to be a weekend packed full of all kinds of things. I am actually not going home for a visit as much as I am going home to attend a leadership conference at Rice. I am hoping to set some foundation for some things I want our alumni group to do next fall.

While I love my home and my state, I have often been told several times by different people, I’m seem more like an east coast kind of girl than a southern belle. Now that I am here I can see why. I like Boston for the most part; sure it has some painful history but hell what American US city doesn’t. It also has many shining moments in history. This was where we, the Americans, dumped the tea. This is where we, the slaves, escaped to following our Moses.

I like my job and it feels right here. I feel like my contributions can be felt and aren’t dismissed. I feel like all my life I have been being put through my paces for a time such as now. I know lately I have been talking a lot about myself as opposed to the world outside me and I am sure you are probably tired of hearing all the mumbo jumbo of me living my best life and living in the present and a bunch other stuff that you are tired of hearing, I mean READING, but I just can’t help it its like when you are putting a puzzle together and for the first time YOU see the picture starting to materialize.

My life has kind of been like a puzzle, like I feel like I have something to do and I have felt like all these great things I have experienced have a purpose (my thought is they were to prepare me for the next life’s challenge). I’ve spent the first part of my life collecting all the puzzle pieces, then I spent the next part of my life fitting those pieces together, often worrying to hard what the picture would be. And now, well now I am learning to fit the piece I have into the puzzle, step back and look at the picture as it stands, not worry if the next piece I grab will be in the same area as the last, just reach into my metaphorical puzzle piece box and grab the next piece and spend my time figuring out how it, the piece in my hand fits in my life puzzle. I hope that made sense.

I feel overwhelmingly positive, which for me as pretty upbeat person to begin with means I'm really, really, really happy. I AM LOVE and I want to shout it out on the roof tops, you know like when you are in love you want to tell everyone about well, I AM love. I am just in the moment and taking the moment for what it is. I am not sure when I will move from the space nor do I care, I am just going to enjoy it and be present. It's just I don’t feel like complaining about what is wrong, I feel like talking about what we can do right. I was created for a time such as this. What this is ,I have no idea, but I overwhelmingly know being in this is so enjoyable. This right now this feeling is great.

I am not sure if this feeling is because I am in a new city with no past to limit me or who I am, or if it’s just my time in life where I make shift into the next level of living. I guess we won’t know until it’s over, so I will just enjoy it!

Be EZ,

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Sister Girl said...

I'm so proud of everything you've been through & what you've accomplished. It is a complete H-O-N-O-R to know someone just like *you* because your writing inflict many positive forces in my life.

It is because of you that I share my boring world through blogging; someone may get an "understanding" that they are not alone in whatever situation is going on. We are human by all means & the walk on this Earth carries so many possibilities.

I've learned to love "me" a long time ago when my marriage fizzled. I loved him deeply, but I had to step back & love ME more. And I'm a happy person just like I am because I do what I want - when I want - if I want. My question to the person wanting to date me these days is..."What do you have to offer me ?"

Stay blessed..