Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well Mrs McCain, I have NOT always been proud of my country

Some of you more political readers may have read about or saw Cindy McCain already try to use Michelle Obama’s words to create derision and upheaval in the soon to be race for the Presidency. As we know Barck is starting to take FRONT RUNNER status in the race for Democratic Nominee. With that comes the beginning of attacks at Mr. Obama and all those in his camp. Grandpa, I mean Senator McCain has already started accusing Barack of pushing empty rhetoric. And his wife has even jumped in on the FUN!! The problem is, I think the McCain’s need to watch the dirty politics and even the SLIGHTEST appearance of being racist. I know the Obama’s don’t want this to be about race and for the most part I don’t think it will, however the thing we have to realize in America even when we try to move past race our horrible and ugly history won’t let us.

Mrs. McCain jumped on her soapbox and talked about how she has ALWAYS been proud of her country! It was meant to be a slight at Mrs. Obama saying for the first time she was PROUD of her country. While maybe if Mrs. Obama was Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. McCain could get away with calling her on being proud of her country, however Mrs. McCain it worries me that you have always been proud of your country, because the sad truth of the matter is sometimes this country has done things that we ALL SHOULD NOT BE PROUD OF, as a matter of fact we should be ASHAMED.

So Mrs. McCain let’s see were you PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY …

  • when your learned of YOUR country's enslavement of an entire race of people and how we stripped them of all their human rights

  • when your country didn’t allow blacks to eat , drink out of the same water fountain, or go the same schools as white people

  • when your country welcomed Jim Crow as a proud CITIZEN of the U.S.A.

  • when your country turned the ship of Jews away that Hitler sent over

  • when your country put thousands of Japanese American citizens in interment camps

  • when your country sold weapons to Iran to fund the Sandinistas

  • when your country left your husband as a POW to die

  • when your country disenfranchised a group of people’s voting rights in FL

I mean the sad thing is, I feel you probably were proud of your country for these things because you are too myopic and unconcerned with issues outside of yours to even get that it’s okay to be ashamed or disappointed in someone or something we love. I admire Michelle Obama for her honesty, I think a lot of people do empathize with her and that this unity the country is showing is SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF and for MANY Americans it is the FIRST time they do feel proud or feel like maybe America isn’t going to hell in a hand basket totally!

I am sure the Obama camp will have to spin this, but I wanted to let them know, NO SPIN is needed from me. I TOTALLY get what you are saying Mrs. Obama, after so many years of this country disappointing you with decisions like Hopwood, blacks like Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, Katrina, and the Iraq war. FINALLY you can be proud that this country is waking up and people who thought their voices meant nothing to America are starting to realize they can create a MOVEMENT if they just move, they can CHANGE the world!

So Mrs. Cindy McCain I am THRILLED that your privilege has allowed you to be PROUD of your COUNTRY your entire life, my deep sorted past with this country only allows me to be proud of it when it moves towards the redemption of so many of it’s wrongs, like it seems we are doing today, by choose a CHANGE !

I am not going to even mention how when asked if her comment was a point towards Mrs Obama both Cindy and John refuse to comment!! BYTCHES!! Don’t be scuuuuuuuuuuuured!! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Anyway, I’m out and as always

Be EZ,

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Leva said...

I'm with Michelle!!!