Friday, January 11, 2008

Obligatory Blogging!!!

¡Hola! ¿Como Estas? Ok enough with the Spanish….I was supposed to have blogged last night but my personal lap top was running SLOW I mean real SLOW, like the repeal of Jim Crow in the South slow. Anyway what’s been up witcha? Me? What’s been up with me? EVERYTHING but what is I need to be up which in this horrible economy would be STOCK PRICES, I hear the fed is going to cut rates again. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME? I always manage to buy my damn house at the peak of interest rates being high and then like 6months into being in my house the rates take a nose dive and they are practically giving away money!! The last time this happened I refi’d TWICE this time I’m sit tight before I move to re-fi, but I do plan on re-fiing anyway enough about being grown.

I wish there was a way to be grown like you imagined it when you were a kid, just doing shyt you wanted to do, you know all the stuff but actually going to work and paying bills and having a mortgage and being responsible. Its funny cause some people do live their grown lives the very same way they imagined them NO WORK NO BILLS JUST FUN, those people are also know as strippers oh yeah and Supahead

Anyway moving on to my topic today which is one I HAVE BEEN wanting to talk about and that is Beyonce Haters. Look I have a theory if a woman HATES Beyonce, not does feel one way or another or has indifference but truly hates her I don’t wanna KNOW that BYTCH. Its kinda like those women who hate on light skinned girls and are all people just like her because she’s light skinned. I mean I have yet to meet a woman who HATED like literally HATED on Bey that I think is cool. I think in life you got two groups of women those that hate on Bey and those that don’t. The women that do are often not to cute themselves or the have SERIOUS self –esteem issues. Now don’t get me wrong you ain’t gotta be a stan, but I think most REAL woman appreciate Bey. She’s a hard worker and she is really doing what she loves, she isn’t trying to put folks down or talk smack, She is just focused on being the best Bey she can, which unfortunately for many R&B DIT (Divas in Training) the best Bey is killing the GAME. It seems there are so many women out there who thinks Bey’s success means no room for their favorite person, but hey if she is your favorite she MUST be doing something right.

I just don’t like Haters in general, I mean why hate? Why waste your energy hating on anyone, me I prefer to LOVE ON ME!! I usually do this why listening to Beyoncelol! Like I said next time look at the HATERS who hate on Bey and you will find out in general they are HATERS in life. I’m glad Bey exist I don’t think her success and beauty take anything away from mine. I learned a long time ago that there is room in the world for more than one bad booty shaking bytch!! Like I said you ain’t gotta be a stan but really you do not have to be hater to be my friend.

Whew…this is not a Beyonce hating house, hell I think I love her more than some men!! Oh ya I don’t like male Beyonce haters either, YES there are some out there, but they ARE NOT GAY. I have yet to meet a gay male Beyonce hater. Anyway moving on

Go Obama Go!!
I am LOVING what Barak is doing these days and since I was just speaking of fine, that Michelle is very Beyonce, by the way when did Beyonce become the term for being all that! I blame Andre Benjamin for this…remember Forever my Beyonce!! Line in she lives in my lap. Then Bey referred to it in Soldier quick to pick up your Beyonce wasn’t that such a GREAT play on word ( sorry that’s my borderline standom showing through). Anyway that Michelle Obama she Beyonce! *lol* Smart and fine that’s how Barak like ‘em!

Naked Prime
Since this blog is now officially Beyoncific, I am vowing to get into my NAKED prime which is like one better than just being in your prime. That means you not only got it going on in clothes but when you naked. I think I will work this year and try to make that happen maybe even document on this blog from time to time. Then I will have a big blow out birthday bash to celebrate it!! What you think?

Rosa C
I love my latest addition to my family, her name is Rosa and she is one of my best friends daughter. It’s so cool because she is the first little one in my close circle of friends that I knew before she was gleam in her daddy’s eyes and a burning in her mother’s loins? Wait do women have loins? Anyway I LOVE HER and I haven’t even meet her yet, but I will my plan is to roll through the 206 (if she doesn’t visit me first) and get to know her around her 1st birthday!

I would not like to hear anymore about Britt!! So I will not discuss it!

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