Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Girls Don’t Cry, but apparently BIG FINE MEN DO!!

So, last night I saw something that was soooooooooo so sad but it was such a turn on too! Yes, it was T.O. being "emotional", as the media likes to say. Me, I say it was T.O. about 2 minutes away from CRYING LIKE A BYTCH!! *lol* The thing is I thought he looked INCREDIBLY SEXY while doing it!

This was such a different T.O. than the normal post-game cocky T.O., it is evident to me he has grown, even if it is to learn not to talk about you all the time and blame others, but he did get a few pot shots in at the media. I’ve always been behind my QBs its you the media that have judge me. UMMMMMMMMMMM somebody get Donovan on the phone and ask him how supported he felt by T.O. The thing is I think he has matured, as most of these primo Dons do. I mean really, look at Randy Moss he's a completely different man than he use to be!!

Well in any event, the Cowboy season is over and even though T.O. thought this was their year, it wasn’t. Even if they would have won Tom Brady and the Pats would have made them cry later! Like I say better sooner than later, well I don't say that but it fits here.

My condolences to all the Cowboy fans out there today!!

I had a very lazy weekend it seems for me this year has been off to a kind of slow start. I am slowly getting in my groove but I am in no rush. I’ve been keeping it close to home, no real reason. I just LOVE being at home. I figure once I finish everything on my to do list for my house, I probably will never leave.

Its funny but, I think I have grown out of shopping. I remember there use to be a time where shopping was my thing. I am not sure why, but now it just seems like such a bother or like I would rather be at home. The effort it takes to go out and buy stuff because its cute is way more than I want to put out, but even that I mean I am not even really shopping online these days. To be honest I think it was my move that cured me. When I moved to my house I realized how much UNNECESSARY stuff I had. You know things I never used or wore. I started thinking if I had the money I paid for this stuff instead of the stuff I would be closer to my goals of being debt free (mortgage only) by 2010 . Oh well.

I did manage to go furniture shopping, well browsing. I think I made up my mind on a couch and stuff!! Whew, so now all I have to do is buy it.

So I am sitting here today and for whatever reason I feel completely over it, it being him. However I think it’s just today, but have you ever said to yourself the effort is more work than you really want to put in. Especially now I just feel like ehhhhhhhhh, I don’t think I ever thought I’d feel like ehhhhhhhhh, but almost two years later I really do. I really do.
I’m sure it will pass, let’s hope it does for his sake, however I am sure it won’t matter one way or the other to him.

WTF is this about? Tomorrow I plan on wearing my wedding dress to go look at Range Rovers! What? She gotta repeat clothes now, or maybe this is her way of telling Kevin phuck you!! She got her drink and her two step! Well if drink means wedding dress and two step means paparazzo. I know I said I wasn’t gonna talk about her anymore, but wearing your wedding dress after the marriage is over is so very Miss Havisham (look I know she was stood up at the alter, but all wearing of weeding dresses after the fact, especially if the marriage didn’t take, are Miss Havisham to me) I had to say something!

Ok speaking of old hags who will get/have been left at the alter, did you hear there’s a sex tape of New York. I wonder if its her and Rowlf the dog nah its probably her and Animal I heard they had something going on!! I know I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like Janice the Muppet. I mean go ahead take a look and JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!! Anyway I am not so sure about viewing this tape, someone should tell New York that theory of sex tapes propelling you into fame will only work if you are a rich non-black, usually the non-black is famous for having money!! I say non-black because Kim Kardashian is not white, I mean of course she is for all intent and purposes, but really she isn’t!! And if that azz is any judge of it, she is FAAAAAAAAAAAR from white! Although these days white girls are eating red beans and rice, right Coco?

So, I have this friend who refuses to give me her blog roll. Actually I don’t think she knows it she just surfs and pulls up some of the most interesting blogs. She wants me to become the premier blogger in the H. I don’t talk about any one thing enough to be a premier anything, but shyt talker. Anyway I do add the really funny blogs she sends me to my blog roll, that way at least there is SOME RECORD somewhere. I am getting to old to just put them in my favorites, I have about 1gazillion websites in my favorites and as we all know all it takes is one crash of your hard drive for all your favorites to BE GONE, GONE, GONE forever!

MLK day is almost here!! Actually tomorrow is his ACTUAL birthday for those who don’t know your black history. The holiday is the third Monday of every January and I get a three day weekend next week. It’s one of the few times I REALLY ENJOY working for a financial institution. The other time is when they hand out free money!! I don’t have anything planned, I think I will dream in his honor, which is my way of saying I will sleep like the shiftless Negro he claimed us NOT to be!

Well I’m out. I really wrote this cause I promised the same blog rolless friend I would try to keep my blog semi-current and I really wanted to document the T.O. breakdown in cyberspace.

Oh yeah I’m taking suggestions for topics for blogs, look I can tell you when I will write on them cause that would be WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much commitment for me.

Be EZ,

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