Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Background Reading

I don't have time to blog today but what I want to blog about later requires you to read a blog that I wrote a minute ago 8/9/07. Anyway please do your background reading so when I post my next blog you are where I need you to be!! *lol* Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon, cyberly speaking (cause I don't want to see anyone I don't know around who knows me...THAT'S CREEPY!) *lol*

So I present to you some background reading:

Words to live by and other random thoughts! (originally posted 8/9/07)

“What I talk about with my girlfriends is that before you start worrying about, ‘I don’t have a man,’ where are you in your own space, in your own head?' she told me. “What do I need to be as healthy and happy on my own with or without? And the minute you get that in order, it seems like things fall into place.”

-Michelle Obama

Wow ! I had no intention of blogging today. I mean I have so much going on with the house being behind schedule, work projects, side business ventures, and just IRL living in general. However I was surfing the net today and saw this quote from Michelle Obama and it resonates so much with my soul I had to blog about it, actually I have blogged about it ad nausea, maybe because I was going through taking care of my own space and now I am truly experiencing “it” falling into place. I love the Obamas I think I LOVE her more than him if that is truly possible. For me it isn’t so much the race or him winning it’s the strength, courage, and the audacity of hope, as he would say, that makes me love him. There are some people that you KNOW for whatever reason they carry TRUE STRENGTH of character and to me both Barack and Michelle Obama have that. They don’t claim to be better, smarter or holier than anyone the just are genuine in who they are. They actually remind me of my friends Buschick and Busnerd, people who truly want to help in the ways they can.

It has been apparent to me for a long time that we can not start a revolution just one way. They (what they? I guess the same they that think of us as them) expect us to come one way, all our lives they have expected us to do something in one way, but when we hit them from all angles then they can not prepare. The revolution is coming at us from the hood in the form of usta be d-boys growing up into MOGULS and amassing fortunes not reserved for us. The revolution is coming at us from an African-American who is a direct connect to the motherland growing up and showing us what it is to command respect simply by being respectable. That is a lost art you know, acting responsible and being respectable. Anyway the revolution is coming at us from men who use their brawn to create great wealth and women who have used their brains and charisma to persuade millions of soccer moms what is O so hot and O so wonderful and at the same time show those women that we, the women, will save the countries that are in despair and war at the hands of the men who have run them and fought over them since the begining of time.

Ok enough about going on about the sociopolitical landscape being full of the first generation of young black men who have managed to turn their fame into their own fortune and not someone else’s. Enough about me talking about how we are changing the world yet it seems to be still at the same time. I mean really we are changing and I know to some this is not what they want to hear, however I’m not a doom and gloom kinda girl but I am not a Pollyanna either. I’m a realistic optimist, I really think that is how you live life. *LOL*

Enough with the tangent, now I am going on to what is really going on in my life. My house, it’s not finished but its close VERY PAINFULLY close. I had to move out my apartment on July 15th, at the time my house was supposed to be finished on the 28th, but as you know with building, shyt happens and the rain among other things, some controllable and some uncontrollable it is now August the 8th. They say next week and my mortgage broker says it has to be next week my lock is about to expire.

Well I’m tired now. I don’t have time to really upload the house pictures if you want to see them message me your e-mail and I will send you the latest and greatest! Have a good night people and as always…

Be EZ,


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