Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What’s up fam ?!?!

I want to blog today but I don’t know about what. I have some topics I want to blog about but I am not in the mood to talk about any of those today. When I write it has to be inspired, I almost never publish the stuff I sit down and write about like a school assignment. I really like the blogs to just come from what I’m feeling today or what I read or what I was chatting with Crys about on IM or what I did or what someone I know did. So as I am typing this my brain is racing a million miles a second trying to come up with something to write about before I run out of words and just get stuck watching the cursor on this page blink at me.

Man, a blinking cursor is like the WORST to a writer it signifies BLOCK. As long as I can keep the letters moving on the page the less anxiety I have about this being a neat and tidy little ditty for you to read. Oh well I have nothing, like Whitney.

Falling in love again!
I’ve been in NOLA for the past two nights and I have had fun it was quite an adventure but not one for the blogs but I learned a lot stuff, lets call it research for my new book, How to do it BIG in the BIG EZ. *lol*

Parents just don't understand?
Anyway the baby Spears is pregnant. I mean what can I say about that other than you can take the girls out of the trailer park but you CAN NOT take the trailer park out of the girls!! At least she can afford to provide for it. I mean really you already phucking!! Will Nickelodeon be writing that into the script of Jamie’s show? And who told her mother she could write a parenting book anyway. I mean what publisher thought that was a good idea? Maybe it was being sold as satire. I mean Lynn Spears was writing about raising Brit to be the wild woman she is today? I think they should release the book under the genre of HOW NOT TO RAISE your kids. I mean they just need me to write a brief foreword it would say This book is an opposite book!! Please use accordingly. Thanks and good night.

The Random Shyt
Let’s see what else is going on…the holidays. I don’t really celebrate Christmas and all that is the TURNING WHIRLING COMMERCIAL giant. I prefer Thanksgiving any day. My life has been so stress free since I decided not to be caught up with Christmas Cheer, that was oh so many years ago. It makes so many people uncomfortable when you say you don't celebrate it. Especially here in the south, where the CHRIST in CHRISTMAS abounds. I'm all look I diind't say I don't beleive there was a birth I just said I don't celebrate the birth. Its fine if you do really it is.

I am such a different person than I was 5 years ago. I mean this is not where I saw myself in 5 years, but it is really so much better. I mean I’m about to be 35. 3-5…I don’t think this is how I imagined my life to look or life in general to look. I definitely thought we would be in flying cars by now, but hey I had no idea that I would be texting on my phone instead of talking ( have I ever mentioned how much I prefer the text to the talk? WELL I DO!!) or even cell phone technology outside my car. WOW !!

Man this has been a good year. I was able to cross off my number one goal this year (this has been on my list for two years), home ownership. Now the next goal is making the house a home. Its coming along slowly, but surely.

I think 2008 is when I really get serious about going back to school to get my MBA and developing my side hustle in real estate. I would like to be COMPLETELY debt free (sans home) by 2010. That includes the last of my student loan and my car. If I can reach it earlier that will be great. If I can be debt free by then I will be ready to take a loan to go to business school .

I also want to really become more serious about establishing routines for myself from health to house cleaning. I need my life to work a little more like clockwork.

Well I gotta hit it now I have a plane to catch, so I maybe my next blog will be more 2007 in review and more 2008 plans…hell I won’t know until I sit down to write it!

Be EZ,

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Sister Girl said...

Hey Miss Lady !

I'm so honored that you shared your space with me here & looking forward to reading "A Moment In Thought With OG".

Happy Holidays !