"It's been a long time since I left you a dope beat to step to..."

It's been 3 years since I last posted. As expected, life is different in every way. I don't even think people read blogs...I know I very rarely do. I don't even tweet... I just post pics on IG Stories all day lol ANYWAY that's not why I"m here.

I recently had this very weird revelation. I think some blacks and others struggle with how white people make allowances for other white people they spend time with when they are racist  However if I look at how black families are with homosexuality the behavior is very similar. There are tons of homophobic grandmothers, aunties, uncles, and cousins that people make allowances for and don't cut off completely.

I realized its all the same thing. It is not about being, white, male, or straight. It is about the impact that when one of your identities is the default or center of the identity. Male is default for how humans are identified, look at how in most languages the male plural version is what you use to denote both groups of men ad groups of men and women. Straight is the default for sexual orientation and white is the default for everything..... you get the picture.

I think to me that is why intersectionality is so important to look at.

The default identity in America is the heterosexual middle-class white male. The farther away from that identity you are the more inter sectional you are, and presumably you would think that means you would understand that you should always advocate for those who don't enjoy your privilege. BECAUSE PRIVILEGE IS NOT SOMETHING YOU EARN!!!

Sadly most people don't, well most people don't off of social media. I think for myself the first time I stopped my mom for being homophobic it was only natural, but maybe because I knew my mom's homophobia was from year of hetero-normative living and she would do better once she knew. It was much harder to have to check the wayward great auntie twice removed. Its easier to just leave the room than confront.

Which is what lead me to my thought to call out something when you aren't something seems to be something all people struggle with. No one is born this perfect ally we all have to learn how to support those who don't experience our privilege.

I said all that to say white people and straight folks you HAVE got to start cutting folks off for blatant racist and homophobic thoughts and you also gotta start checking your friends and family when they are being unknowingly homophobic and/or racist. Some of us were more influenced by the toxic-ness of our culture than we care to believe, and need some one to point out our problematic behavior. Anyway that's enough...



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